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Nutrition is based on sensible eating habits and I help you to achieve a workable regime that suits your lifestyle and should you be overweight I can offer dietary suggestions but not a quick-fix diet as these can often not be sustainable.

Good nutrition is important but it is not always possible to obtain all the nutrients from your food so I look at ways of providing you with sensible dietary advice and supplementation when necessary. NUTRIGOLD are one of the companies that I use that supply a range of high quality nutritional supplements.


Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances are likely to cause you digestive disturbances and using the Bio-Meridian system I will give you a print-out of any offending foods that the system detects along with other recommendations that may be necessary. The procedure is painless and non-invasive (no needles used or blood drawn).

*Please note that testing with the Bio-Meridian system CANNOT be carried out on anyone who is pregnant, wearing a pace-maker or suffering with epilepsy and there may be times when additional specialised testing is recommended*

Bio-Energizer d-tox Foot Spa

To support your well-being why not book in for a Bio-Energizer De-tox session. As you sit and relax with your feet in a bowl of warm water containing the Detox Energizer cartridge your body is gently stimulated to release the build up of toxins through the pores of your feet. Naturally the water will change colour due to the presence of salt and the cartridge in the water, but the stimulation of the body's cells internally is where the benefit is really noticed. People who have experienced the Bio-d-Tox foot spa say that it feels as though they are 'walking on air' after the session.

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